by 3tone.triangle

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    With an overall length of 140 cm, the marabu is one of the largest storks.The marabu’s head and neck have only a few downy feathers. The feathers on its back, wings, and tail are dark grey with a shimmering green gloss, and its underside is a radiant white. Its red and entirely unresearched throat pouch is a distinctive feature. ∆ ∆ ∆ (3tone.triangle) and singer Madlaina Balmer fly to Africa together on the marabou and caress this wonderful summer with warm synthesiser clouds, airy field recordings and pleasant, raw percussion.

    Let's dance above the clouds!

    Music by Δ Δ Δ (3tone.triangle)
    Additional Acid Keys by Symtone
    Vocals by Madlaina Balmer
    Bass by Tom Guéniat
    Artwork by Marcel Huwiler
    Label: Bug Wan (BW111)
    Produced at Bug Wan Studio, 2015

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released September 30, 2015



Bug Wan Studio Basel, Switzerland

A studio, record label and an outlook on life, where music from good people is channelled put together and send into the world. Bug Wan sees itself as a safe habitat for diverse types of electronic music.

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